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Top Online MBA Programs for 2020 at the Lowest Prices.

Top Online MBA Programs for 2020 at the Lowest Prices.

10) Georgia Southern University’s Parker College of Business Tuition: US$23,690

The WebMBA from Georgia Southern University is the first in our top ten.

The 40-person cohort for the 19-month program is small, with 45 percent of participants identifying as female. The average student has 9 years of job experience.

Each year, there are two candidate intakes, one in January and one in August.

9) The Business School of the Open University

The cost of tuition is $23,495.80 USD.

The Open University Business School’s online MBA is ranked ninth, with strong scores in the class profile and class experience indices.

The university has two annual candidate intakes, in May and November, as well as various duration slots. The curriculum can take anywhere from 18 months to seven years to complete, but most students graduate in 36 months.

The online MBA program at the Open University focuses on critical and strategic analysis, management skills, creativity, and innovation.

8) MBA Consortium at the University of Wisconsin

The cost of tuition is $23,250 USD.

The next program is the University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium’s online MBA, which contains 17 compulsory credits and 13 elective credits.

Participants had an average of ten years of work experience, with females accounting for 29% of this year’s group. The curriculum takes an average of 32 months to finish.

To guarantee that students obtain high-quality remote education, all faculty members are required to attend an online course prior to teaching the MBA. Canvas, an open source learning management system, is used to deliver the course.


US$23,123 in tuition

The faculty and teaching of CENTRUM Catolica’s online MBA program received good marks.

Its students have an average of ten years of job experience. Twenty-six percent of the 147 students in the 2020 cohort are women, and seven percent are overseas students. The average program length, according to our data, is 22 months.

The online MBA program at CENTRUM takes a humanistic and competency-based approach, allowing students to customize their b-school experience through a variety of co-curricular activities such as webinars, online meetings, video conferences, and mobile e-learning.

6) Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University Tuition: US$22,528.40

Aberdeen Business School’s online MBA focuses on practical instruction to provide advanced leadership skills and a thorough understanding of several business fields to its students.

Participants can customise their curriculum to their interests by selecting a specialization, such as the MBA Oil and Gas Management specialized course.

With 69 percent international students, this year’s tiny student cohort of 26 has one of the highest averages for work experience – 14 years – and is one of the most international on the list. Female students make up 19% of the student body.

It takes an average of 33 months to finish the program. In the final semester, there are two-and-a-half hours of lectures per week, webinars, and 32-48 hours of practical classes or workshops.

5) Oxford Brookes Business School is a prestigious business school in the United Kingdom.

US$20,858.65 in tuition

Oxford Brookes University is a signatory to the United Nations’ Principles of Responsible Management Education, which is a theme that runs throughout its online MBA program.

In fact, students are encouraged to learn more about the social and ethical challenges that arise in the workplace. Participants will get the opportunity to connect with guest speakers from non-profit and unconventional businesses as part of the course’s comprehensive and integrated approach to education.

Over half of this year’s 122 students are overseas, with 45 percent of them being women. The average job experience of the participants is 13 years.

It takes an average of 27 months to finish the program.

4) Tuition at an EU Business School: US$19,515.84

The EU Business School in Spain is ranked fourth. Its online MBA program achieved a flawless grade for class experience and has one of the best female representation rates in the industry, at 56 percent.

In addition to their EU degree, graduates will obtain a state-accredited MBA from the University of Roehampton in London. The curriculum includes interactive webinars and business simulations, as well as networking weeks on campus.

The 89 students in this year’s cohort are entirely foreign, with an average of 9.5 years of work experience.

The curriculum takes about 15 months to finish on average.

3) US$17,819.25 for SBS Swiss Business School tuition

Third position goes to Switzerland’s SBS Swiss Business School, whose multicultural online MBA program boasts a gender parity of 52 percent female representation and an excellent class experience rating.

The 53 students in this year’s class have an average of 9 years of work experience. It takes an average of 24 months to finish the program.

The SBS online MBA consists of 15 courses, each of which takes eight weeks to complete. Students can participate in a variety of webinar sessions and online forums in addition to traditional e-teaching.

2) Tuition at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg is US$16,617.

The University of South Florida St. Petersburg takes home the silver medal for cheapest tuition.

This year’s cohort has 120 students, with half of them identifying as female. The average student has 6.6 years of job experience.

1) Amity Directorate of Distance & Online Education: US$3,200 in tuition

If you’re looking for a top online MBA that won’t break the bank, Amity University’s is a great option. In terms of class profile and class experience, the program received great marks.

Amity’s online MBA program includes a structured PCP (personal contact point), live interactive lectures, virtual recorded sessions, and books and study materials delivered through courier.

With 4392 students, the program has the largest cohort of any online MBA program in our worldwide ranking, with 42.91 percent of women and 26.25 percent of international students.

The typical duration is 24 months.


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