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Online mba in Dubai

Online mba in Dubai – Being a teenager is difficult. Because the world around us is changing so quickly, many of us parents are devoting a great deal of time and effort to figuring out how we may best assist our children in their lives while also insuring their happiness. Our children will be entering a far more aggressive and competitive work environment than we did. To get a foot in the door for most positions these days, you’ll need top-notch credentials, connections, and a stand-out CV to get noticed.

However, on the new Early MBA Programme in Dubai, a brilliant group of teenagers has been preparing for the future by learning new skills and gaining real business expertise.

This fantastic and revolutionary 5-day training for teenagers aged 13 to 18 years old teaches students how to demonstrate initiative and leadership on university applications and what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur or executive.

It was created by great educational specialists from Harvard, Cambridge, and Imperial College, who are motivated to establish a solid future for our next generation in Dubai, and is inspired by the world’s finest MBA programs.

Teenagers compete in small, mixed teams for the final prize, which includes access to invaluable counsel from the Early MBA’s Advisory panel. This group includes executives from Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Company, Procter & Gamble, and Price Waterhouse Coopers, among others. University professors, Silicon Valley and private equity investors and fund managers, as well as emerging market entrepreneurs, are all represented.

The course is taught by instructors who are just as enthusiastic about developing people as they are about sharing examples from their own successful careers in the classroom, and these are the people who bring ideas to life in a way that kids can understand: humorous, engaging, and motivating (and most importantly enjoy).

Participants also have face-to-face access to industry professionals who are on hand to offer advice, support, and to answer any questions they may have. The Chairman of Unilever China, a partner at Mckinsey & Co, and the Head of Investment Banking at Barclays Bank are among those who have previously praised the energy of the recent Early MBA students as “contagious.” Teenagers like interacting with well-known corporate executives who, in turn, are eager to engage with the next generation.

The popular business simulation game, which allows each participant to be the CEO of their own firm, is one of the many modules included in the Early MBA. It also considers the long-term consequences of students’ decisions made during a three-year period. Teens learn to work as a team and think creatively to produce recommendations that can be applied to a real business during brand management.

Finance provides them an honest perspective on careers from people who have worked there, and Networking is all about the elements that make the Early MBA Advisory board successful, which, let’s face it, no one teaches our children about in school.

This invaluable experience also teaches students how to use case study methodology to reflect and articulate their arguments convincingly.

The negotiations exercise is a popular and enjoyable approach to hone this important soft skill, and the best part is that parents are invited to the finalé, where they can see their kid present an elevator pitch to a guest judge!

This boosts confidence, and students from Dubai College, Jumeirah College, Repton, and other Dubai schools have been stepping into huge shoes, planning budgets, product selections, face-to-face trade, and year-end financials.

Teenagers have a limitless supply of innovative, new ideas to share, and the beauty of this course is the exposure and edge it provides, all while strengthening Teenagers’ confidence to venture out into the big wide world. We’re all in favor of it.

Courses are held in schools all throughout Dubai, and your child will be placed in a variety of groups. Kings Al Barsha School will host the next course. Visit for more information or to register for the next Early MBA Programme, and follow for live updates.


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