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MBA Scholarships for German Students, 2022

MBA Scholarships for German Students, 2022 – HHL MBA scholarships for overseas students in Germany are now accepting applications. The Global Executive MBA Scholarship application deadline is July 30 for enrollment in October.

Students enrolled in the full-time, part-time, and Global Executive MBA programs are eligible for scholarships.

An MBA scholarship for international students was taken advantage of by HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

Records demonstrate that pursuing a master’s degree at HHL will give you with outstanding professional chances, allowing you to recoup your investment.

They are aware, however, that pursuing a master’s degree at HHL necessitates considerable commitment and careful financial planning.

HHL offers the following HHL MBA scholarships or outstanding applicants interested in studying in one of the tuition and living expenses funding programs to enable you to study at HHL.

MBA scholarships for overseas students in Germany in 202 2

#1. MBA scholarship for future leaders on a regular basis

The HHL Young Leader Scholarship is for prospective students, particularly international students, who have demonstrated leadership potential at the HHL and intend to work in a German company after graduation.

# 2: A regular MBA scholarship for aspiring business owners

The HHL Future Entrepreneur Scholarship is for future full-time MBA students who wish to establish or have already started their own business after graduating from HHL and who bring their entrepreneurial potential to HHL.

Successful candidates for HHL MBA scholarships will be required to participate in the student initiative and present their company concept at at least one of the events during their time at HHL.

# 3: MBA scholarship for women in business (full-time and part-time).

HHL wishes to encourage excellent candidates of all academic and national profiles who demonstrate strong motivation and outstanding professional and academic qualifications and are ready to become active members of the HHL community with its scholarship for women in business.

# 4 – Global Diversity Scholarship for Part-Time MBA The HHL Global Diversity Scholarship is designed for future students with foreign experience who will bring their leadership potential and experience to HHL. Successful candidates will be excused

# 5 – Global Executive MBA – Scholarship for Women in Leadership

Increase the flow of women business executives into essential training programs and international business networks is one of the EADA-HHL Global Executive MBA’s main goals.

They are looking for motivated women at work who have made big achievements in their careers.

#6. Scholarship for Global Executive MBA-Entrepreneurs

EADA and HHL are looking for self-funding executors who are interested in developing creative and long-term business solutions.

The EADA-HHL Global Executive MBA aims to assist executives in creating value and developing solutions that have a significant social and/or innovative impact.

#7. Global Executive MBA-International Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship will help us achieve our aim of having a world-class and truly multinational Executive MBA class. The International Diversity Scholarship is for corporate executives who have worked on a global scale.

#8. Nonprofit Scholarships for Global Executive MBAs

Executives who work in charities and can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these organizations in the future are sought by EADA and HHL.

# 9: Global Executive MBA Scholarships for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises:

This scholarship will help us achieve our aim of having a world-class and truly multinational Executive MBA class.

The SME Scholarship is for small and medium-sized business executives that promote personal and professional development among their employees.

What you need to know about MBA scholarships for international students in Germany

Candidates must have an above-average first degree and a GMAT score of at least 650 (full-time MBA) or min. 600 (part-time MBA) to be eligible for these scholarships (part-time). The scholarship will be in the form of a tuition fee waiver applied to the total cost of the MBA program.


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