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MBA colleges online form – Lawyers, economists, and doctors continue to lead in terms of the number of applications submitted to this admission campaign. Historically, technical specializations have had a dearth of applicants. Everything is more complicated at military campuses, because the admissions process changes every year. For example, 30 persons were recruited at the DVVKU in 2009, 65 in 2012, and 315 cadets are expected to be recruited this year.

In Blagoveshchensk, there are seven educational institutes where you can receive a higher education.

Amur State University is located in Amur, Russia.

At the present, this university holds the record for the most applications received – 2459 people wish to study there. It has nine faculties that train bachelors in a variety of fields. 710 state-funded slots were given in 2013, the highest number in the Amur Region. At ASU, the applicant must meet the most stringent conditions for admission: a minimum of 45 in one subject. On average, you’ll need 200 points in three subjects to be admitted to the budgetary basis.

State Pedagogical University of Blagoveshchensk

The Amur region’s second most popular university, with 1645 applications received. BSPU received 509 state-funded slots from the Ministry of Education in 2013. In the topic, the lowest score for enrolment is 34 points. When it comes to budget spots, the situation is about the same at all of Blagoveshchensk’s universities – the average required indication is 200 points in three disciplines.

Agrarian University of the Far East

In terms of the number of applications, it is slightly behind BSPU (1582). There are 528 budget slots available in 2013. To get admitted to DalGAU, you must have a minimum of 34 points in one subject.

MBA The Medical Academy of the Amur State

university with a high profile 760 persons indicated an interest in becoming doctors this year. This amount of applicants received 285 budget spots from the Ministry of Education. A minimum of 36 points in the topic is required for enrollment.

The Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship has a branch in Amur.

In recent years, it has dwindled in popularity. According to the selection committee, just 254 applications were filed in 2013, compared to twice as many applicants in 2012. Because the university is a for-profit institution, there are no low-cost options. You must achieve at least 33 points in the topic to be considered a MAP student.

The Maritime State University’s Amur branch. Admiral G. I. Nevelsky is a Russian admiral (“Shell”).

A university that provides semi-military training to potential civilian fleet officers. This year, 60 state-funded spots were available, and applicants were already being sought. To be admitted to the “Shell,” you must complete all of your subjects with a minimum passing grade, as well as the medical commission and the physical.

Higher Command School of the Far East K. K. Rokossovsky, Marshal

Officers of the armed forces are trained at our military university. This year, 315 state-funded spots have been advertised, with the amount of applications received so far remaining a mystery. To join the DVVKU as a cadet, you must pass a medical test, complete physical training, and achieve a minimum of USE scores in three subjects.


for entrance to a second professional program

retraining program for professionals

“Master of Business Administration” is a term used to describe a graduate degree in business administration.

e form

Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Master of Business Administration) (Master of Business Administration) (Master of Business Administration

Applicants must also pass an English test and an interview to establish their language proficiency and develop educational language groups. A sample test is included (Appendix 1). Entrance examination results are unaffected by test outcomes.

2.2. The selection committee, chaired by the dean of the FDPO (and approved by the Rector), organizes and conducts the admission of students to the MBA Program.

acceptance and consideration of the applicant’s documents;

an in-person interview on professional activities and career plans for applicants for part-time (evening) education and online for applicants for correspondence education utilizing purely e-learning, distance learning technology (hence referred to as EE and DOT);

determining the degree of linguistic skills of applicants using an English test and an interview;

On the basis of the submitted documents and the results of the entrance examinations, an order for admission to the MBA program is prepared.

2.3. To perform an entrance examination: composing an essay, verifying and evaluating it, a subject commission is constituted by order of the University’s rector, with the dean of the FDPO approved as the commission’s chairman.


3.1. An interview is required of candidates for admission to the MBA program, during which the applicant must clearly express his desire to study at the MBA program. The goal of the interview is to choose students who are motivated and able to master the MBA program.

The following are the goals of the interview:

determine the student’s MBA admissions goals (professional and personal development, scientific and teaching activities, and career promotion);

judge whether the applicant is self-motivated and willing to learn;

determine the applicants’ educational and intellectual potential (the university where the higher education was received; the year of graduation from the university; postgraduate education; participation in trainings, seminars, additional professional programs, obtaining a second higher education ; postgraduate studies, etc.).

Candidates who pass the interview will be required to write an essay.


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