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Master of Business Administration 2022, IGNOU Online MBA

IGNOU Online MBA – Indira Gandhi National Open University’s online MBA program is a two-year program for people interested in pursuing a Master of Business Administration online. Like any other MBA program, this one covers topics like leadership, marketing, finance, analysis, problem-solving, and so on. The only difference between an online MBA and a regular MBA is that online MBA classes are held online; otherwise, both disciplines are identical and have the same value. Students must be graduates of a recognized UGC/DEB-approved university in order to be considered for an Online MBA.

Applications for the GNOU Online MBA program are no longer being accepted. Admission to IGNOU’s MBA program is based on the results of an entrance examination known as OPENMAT. The OPENMAT entrance exam is used by IGNOU to select students for its MBA program. On April 11, 2022, the OPENMAT for the January Session was held. IGNOU offers OPENMAT twice a year, in January and July, in preparation for the January and July admission seasons.

These are some of the highlights of the IGNOU Online MBA program. You can get a wide overview of all aspects of OnlineMBA at IGNOU. You may quickly browse through each section to learn everything you need to know about the application. You may get a detailed picture of each section by clicking on the link for that place.

For IGNOU’s Online MBA, each specialization has its own cost structure. IGNOU offers a total of 21 MBA courses at a total fee of INR 1,800 per course. There are five courses in each specialization that must be completed. In addition to the necessary course, students must take one elective course. As a result, cost structures for speciality services may differ.

The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in any relevant discipline. For a degree to be completed from a recognized university, a minimum aggregate percentile of 50 percent for the general category and 45 percent for the restricted category is necessary. Students who hold a CA, CS, or CMA degree are also eligible for an MBA. Application to IGNOU’s OnlineMBA program has no upper age limit. It offers a wide range of specializations and mentors students through advanced management and business administration classes.

IGNOU allows working professionals to finish their higher education in the most convenient way feasible. The college provides students with three extra years to complete the course at their own pace while they figure out what they want to do next, which is one of the main reasons why the two-year degree has been extended to five years. IGNOU makes it a point to give students who want to pursue higher education while working practical experience.

The applications process for the January semester began in February 2021. The admissions process at IGNOU is split into two parts. It occurs twice a year, in the months of January and July. For January Sessions, the deadline to submit the form is April 30, 2021. The main purpose of IGNOU is to give online education to people with hectic schedules who cannot afford to attend regular programs. IGNOU aims to provide online education to students from all around India.

In its online MBA program, GNOU offers two specializations. The first is a traditional MBA, and the second is a Banking and Finance MBA. The program is divided into 21 courses, each having five required subjects and one optional subject. Graduates of IGNOU’s MBA program can pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. The PG Diploma program is only open to students who have completed an MBA degree. Students can also apply for a Ph.D. at the same university.

MBAs are in high demand, and as a result, placements after graduation are simpler to come by. MBAs are highly sought after in both the private and public sectors. MBa graduates from any field will be able to find high-skilled work and a good salary package with MNCs. IGNOU MBA graduates have a high degree of credibility, and they will be given first preference for employment placements. IGNOU MBA students would have good job placement opportunities.


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