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In 2022, there will be 25 cheapest online MBA programs that do not require the GMAT exam.

cheapest online MBA programs – Are you looking for the lowest online MBA school that doesn’t need you to take the GMAT? If that’s the case, you’re reading correctly. We’re talking about low-cost online MBA programs that don’t require GMAT tests.

For starters, an increasing number of schools are replacing the once-revered GMAT with recommendations, undergraduate references, and work experience.

In addition, depending on the candidate’s academic performance and/or professional experience, some schools may eliminate the GMAT requirement. Some colleges and universities, on the other hand, have dropped the GMAT requirement entirely from their admissions criteria.

So, if you’re worried about taking the GMAT exam, this is a terrific approach to prepare. The colleges listed in this article, on the other hand, do not require the GMAT. They also provide online MBA programs with no prerequisites.

What are the benefits of an online MBA?

Just as the MBA program evolved to become what it is today, it has evolved again.

This time, as industries expand, there is a greater demand for teams of individuals who have the requisite knowledge to fuel success.

These programs’ learning possibilities have transitioned from physical classrooms to online classrooms while maintaining the same benefits.

Admission Requirements Other Than the GMAT

In fact, getting into the proper institution is hard regardless of GMAT results. If you don’t have GMAT scores, however, other important factors can persuade the admissions committee to accept you.

Letters of recommendation, work experience, personal statements, and a high grade point average are all possible key elements. Non-GMAT online MBA programs, on the other hand, will be assessed on the following items:

To be honest, most non-GMAT MBA programs require between 3 and 10 years of professional experience. The field in which he works, on the other hand, is mostly unimportant if he was able to show himself as potential managerial material.

Furthermore, demonstrating that you’ve worked well as part of a team and taken on new duties is a wonderful motivator.

Furthermore, obtaining a doctorate as an MD, JSD, or PhD (Ph.D.) is typically seen as a good way to get an MBA without taking the GMAT. Many universities will accept other PhD degrees as well.

These other degrees, on the other hand, must be from programs that demand the GRE or something equivalent as a prerequisite for admission.

To be honest, earning an MBA without a GMAT is difficult, even with the university’s stellar academic reputation. However, if you have outstanding scores in advanced classes that incorporate analytical skills and sophisticated mathematics, it is conceivable.

In addition, having a degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics may be beneficial in meeting these prerequisites. Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance demonstrates maturity.

A quantitative specialization degree, such as Six Sigma, may qualify for an online MBA without a GMAT when combined with adequate job experience.

CPA, FINRA, CFA, and other credentials may be required. These courses often demonstrate that you possess the necessary arithmetic and unit skills to succeed in an MBA school.

When applying to colleges, it is critical to have letters of recommendation from past teachers or supervisors. These letters are even more significant when applying for an online non-GMAT MBA school.

In fact, it’s completely possible that your prior bosses can describe how the company grew to its current size. As long as your old teachers are willing to discuss your learning abilities. Both have a lot to say to admissions committees at universities.

Many MBA programs utilize the GMAT to determine whether or not a student is serious about pursuing a business degree. Programs that do not require the GMAT, on the other hand, may rely largely on your personal essay.

Indeed, it demonstrates that you are prepared and eager to pursue the challenging courses required for your business degree.

Without a GMAT, the cheapest MBA programs are available online.

As a result, the schools mentioned below provide some of the most affordable online MBA programs with a complete GMAT waiver or no GMAT prerequisites.


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