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Doing an MBA in Colombia is a cost-effective, high-quality option.

Doing an MBA in Colombia is a cost-effective

Doing an MBA in Colombia is a cost-effective, high-quality option – Leaving the nation is not required to achieve your aim of obtaining a good Master of Business Administration degree ( MBA ). Colombia provides you with opportunities and reasons to achieve it without spending a lot of money and with a level of quality comparable to that of foreign colleges.

An MBA is a fantastic way to develop your profession and increase your earnings. Many individuals use this postgraduate degree to advance from middle to senior management roles in both domestic and international firms. Sandra Jennina Sánchez, PhD, director of Ean University’s MBA and Specialization in Business Administration, says as much.

The expert explained why getting an MBA in Colombia is a great way to improve your abilities and extend your work opportunities. So, if you’re still undecided, consider the following and make your decision!

You strike a good balance between your personal and professional lives.

Because the programs provide flexible hours, you may continue to fulfill your career, professional, and even family commitments while studying for a Master of Business Administration in Colombia. This allows you to maximize the time you have to further your academic degrees while still maintaining your work obligations.

With a small investment, you may earn more money.

In comparison to overseas programs, you will have the opportunity to earn more with a cheaper investment. MBAs in Colombia may cost more than 100 million pesos, according to the National Information System for Higher Education (Snies), whereas programs at institutions like Stanford and Harvard cost between 300 and 400 million pesos.

According to some sources, earning more money with an MBA is possible since you get abilities that are highly sought by numerous employers. According to the Hamilton Global Intelligence research ‘What online MBA will earn you a job,’ 93 percent of virtual MBA graduates in Latin America receive a 20 percent wage rise over other professions.

It should be mentioned that people with a postgraduate degree earn twice as much as those with a basic professional degree in Colombia, according to the group Red de Enlace Profesional, with a wage difference of roughly US$700.

You have a diverse academic program open to you.

Doing an MBA in Colombia is a cost-effective

According to the National Information System of Higher Education, there are 28 MBA programs in the nation. The universities that offer them allow you to complete a double degree, which is an international mobility option that allows you to broaden your business networks and interact with people from different cultures without having to stop your program or modify your plans.

Students in the Ean University MBA program can receive certified foreign experience in the countries that make up the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Mexico, and Peru), through the institutions and organizations with which our school presently has agreements (face-to-face and virtual).

In addition, according to the Ranking of Spanish-Speaking Online Higher Education Institutions, we have the top virtual MBA in Colombia and are placed 17th in Latin America (FSO).

The Pacific Alliance, it should be noted, is a regional integration program that promotes the economic development and competitiveness of participating nations through trade agreements, with the primary goal of conquering the Asian Pacific coast as a bloc. As a result, these nations’ experts cannot be taught with a national perspective, but must instead succeed in global marketplaces.

Those who complete the Ean MBA, on the other hand, will do so with a certified emphasis, allowing them to have a more full and appealing profile for the labor market, which is hungry for managers with specialized abilities. Marketing, finance, and human resource management are three of the most prominent focuses.


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