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Chandler online academy jobs – State officials are concerned about students’ social-emotional health and want them to reconnect with their school communities, Casteel said, so CUSD must plan to offer some form of in-person learning model, echoing worries from experts around the country.

The school board overwhelmingly authorized a new school schedule on June 24 that reduces the length of the fall and spring breaks by one week so that the district can still deliver at least 180 days of teaching, as required by Arizona law.

The extra two weeks, according to Casteel, are required to guarantee that all instructors are adequately taught on the district’s new protocols and instructional models.

Furthermore, the extra time will provide families “breathing room” to decide whether or not to bring their child back to school, according to the superintendent.

Despite the fact that a large number of CUSD employees were opposed to delaying the district’s first day of school, Casteel made her decision.

According to a recent poll of more than 3,700 district employees, 59% of instructors believe the school year should not have been postponed.

Students who choose to return to their individual campuses in August will surely notice a number of changes to the physical surroundings of their school.

Water faucets will be shut off, floors will be marked, desks will be repositioned, and younger pupils will be linked together by a rope as they walk about campus.

CUSD will closely monitor playground activities and ensure that students are not clumped together in big groups, according to the district’s reopening plan. Lunches will be staggered so that only a small number of students will be in the cafeteria at any given time.

Each campus will have masks, gloves, and face shields available, and each school office will have plexiglass shields put at its front desks.

Staff will disinfect touchpoint areas inside school toilets and health offices at least twice a day. In all classrooms and cafeterias, hand sanitizer will be accessible.

Teachers will instruct kids to bring their own water bottles to school each day and not to share them with their peers.

Commonly shared classroom devices, such as computer keyboards, shall be wiped down and sterilized on a regular basis.

Chandler online academy jobs

Parents bringing off children at school will be asked to stay in their vehicles, and non-essential guests will be restricted from entering campus buildings.

Extracurricular activities at elementary and secondary schools are expected to continue, with certain new safeguards in place to encourage social distance.

“We have no plans to cut electives,” Assistant Superintendent Craig Gilbert said, “but we may have to make some adjustments.”

Students who enroll in the online program can still engage in sports or other activities on their home campus, according to Gilbert.

The district’s online curriculum will be vastly different from what children experienced during the fourth quarter of the previous academic year, when the pandemic first struck and forced a statewide closure of Chandler’s schools.

At the end of last year, Casteel said, Chandler Unified was in “crisis mode,” with little time to develop a full online program for pupils.

The district’s new online academy for elementary children is designed to be more interesting and better than what was previously available.

Online students may expect at least three live encounters with a teacher every day, as well as access to a school counselor on a regular basis.

Virtual students will adhere to a timetable that specifies how much time they should devote to math, English, science, and history.

The online timetable will include fifteen-minute “movement breaks” so that students can walk away from their computers at different times throughout the day.

According to Jessica Edgar, the district’s director of elementary curriculum, the goal is to make the online academy feel like a traditional classroom.

According to Edgar, Chandler Unified wants the online alternative to be able to meet the needs of every student, therefore teachers and administrators will follow and assess each student’s progress throughout the semester.

Regardless of how thorough the online option is, some parents in the district are already concerned about the unintended repercussions of learning on a computer at home.

One Chandler parent remarked online, “I am really concerned about online school.” “I have a child with high-functioning autism and another who struggles with anything online.”

For several years, Chandler Online Academy, a state-accredited program that lets students to complete courses at their own pace throughout the semester, has offered online instruction to the district’s secondary students.

This year, the online academy will try to have a stronger relationship-building component between students and teachers, according to Gilbert, so that kids remain connected to the district.

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